Folliculitis A Skin Condition Disease

Folliculitis is a very common skin condition. In this condition, there is an inflammation of the hair follicles. Usually, it is caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. At the start, it may seem like tiny red bumps or a whitehead pimple near hair follicles, the small pockets which gives out hair. The infection can turn into crusty, non-healing sores.

The state is not dangerous; however it can be sore, itchy and awkward. Serious infections can produce permanent scarring and hair loss.
If there is a mild case, probably it will clear in some days with basic measures of self-care. For very serious or repeated Folliculitis, it is important to visit a physician.

Certain types of folliculitis are known as rash, razor bumps as well as hairstylist’s itch.

Folliculitis Symptoms:

  • Small red bumps clusters or whitehead pimples that develop near hair follicles.
  • Blisters filled with pus that break crust over
  • Inflamed and red skin
  • Burning or Itchy skin
  • Pain or Tenderness
  • A large inflamed mass or bump 


Folliculitis Causes: 

The most common Folliculitis causes are:
  • Friction due to tight clothing or shaving. 
  • Heat as well as sweat, like that, occurred by wearing waders or rubber gloves. 
  • Several skin situations, for example acne and dermatitis.
  • Skin injuries, like from surgical wounds or scrapes. 
  • Skin Coverings, for example, adhesive tape or plastic dressings.

Folliculitis Prevention:

For folliculitis prevention from re-occurrence, these tips are helpful:
  • Avoid tight clothing.
  • Keep rubber gloves dry between uses. 
  • If possible than avoid shaving. 
  • Careful Shaving. 
  • Use clean hot tubs as well as heated pools only.

Folliculitis Diagnosis:

It is essential for a doctor to check the patient’s skin and ask about health and its related activities. Furthermore, additional tests may be conducted for folliculitis diagnosis and to make certain that there is no other problem, for instance: heat rash or impetigo. Testing a fluid sample of the pimples or a tissue sample can assist your doctor to find out the infection cause.

Folliculitis Prognosis:

The folliculitis prognosis is excellent. Generally, Folliculitis Cure inclines to be an easily curable and treated skin disorder. Sometimes, it is a not contagious and self-limited disorder. Hardly, more common folliculitis may be disfiguring cosmetically as well as expressively distressing.

Folliculitis Treatment:

Normally, if it is mild folliculitis, it will heal in few days on its own. However, an herbal product, Felceton is a great Folliculitis Treatment which is a combination of natural herbs and having a potential to fight against bacteria which are damaging hair follicles. It fights against the bacteria strongly that encourage the hair follicles damage and this option is recognized as the best herbal treatment up till now in the herbal medication’s world. It is formulated after a detailed research done by professionals at the back. Herbs Solutions by Nature have examined each herb closely that has been utilized to make this Folliculitis treatment formula. It is considered as the best treatment until now and includes zero side effects. So, make it your first choice in folliculitis.


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