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Folliculitis A Skin Condition Disease

Folliculitis is a very common skin condition. In this condition, there is an inflammation of the hair follicles. Usually, it is caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. At the start, it may seem like tiny red bumps or a whitehead pimple near hair follicles, the small pockets which gives out hair. The infection can turn into crusty, non-healing sores.
The state is not dangerous; however it can be sore, itchy and awkward. Serious infections can produce permanent scarring and hair loss. If there is a mild case, probably it will clear in some days with basic measures of self-care. For very serious or repeated Folliculitis, it is important to visit a physician.
Certain types of folliculitis are known as rash, razor bumps as well as hairstylist’s itch.
Folliculitis Symptoms:
Folliculitis Symptoms consist of: Small red bumps clusters or whitehead pimples that develop near hair follicles.Blisters filled with pus that break crust overInflamed and red skinBurning or Itchy skinPain or Tendernes…

What Are Abdominal Adhesions Symptoms Causes And Treatment

The medical term Abdominal Adhesions occurs when bands of tissue develops between abdominal organs and l tissues. This scar- like tissue can cause obstruction. Basically, internal organs and tissues tend to have smooth surfaces that make them moveable as our body moves. Though, an adhesion causes the organs and tissue to stick together. If left untreated, abdominal adhesions can lead to female infertility and intestinal obstruction.
Abdominal Adhesions Causes
Abdominal Adhesions Causes include abdominal surgery. Nearly every individual who go through abdominal surgery tend to experience adhesions. Clearly, adhesions can turn tighter and bigger with the passage of time, rooting troubles years after the surgery. Besides, it is also caused by inflammation from some other sources; these are appendicitis, cancer treatment (radiation therapy), abdominal infections and gynecological infections. At times, the medical condition occurs without an unknown reason.
Abdominal Adhesions Symptoms
In m…